What is a nose job?

A nose job, is a cosmetic surgery procedure, commonly known as a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery refines the nose by reshaping the bone, tissue, cartilage and overall profile of the nose to enhance the appearance and create a nose that is in proportion to the patient’s facial features.   Rhinoplasty surgery is popular with both men and women that are looking to achieve a slimmer, straighter nose or correct a hump or […]

At what age do breasts typically start to grow?

The chest starts to develop a couple of years before the start of menstruation. The age of which puberty takes place varies; some girls may start puberty as young as 8 but typically puberty begins between the ages of 10-15. The first sign of breast development is commonly known as ‘budding’, as the breast tissue […]

MYA Cosmetic Surgery X Sasha Leigh Giveaway

In celebration of pride month, MYA are running an exciting giveaway for our amazing patients. We want to share the love by giving one lucky winner an exclusive Rainbow Ribbed Loungewear set from the wonderful Sasha Leigh collection. To enter, head to our Instagram for more information by clicking on the post below! Giveaway Terms & […]