Neck Lift

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthesia Local or sedation
Duration of Surgery 2 hour
Scars Virtually invisible, in the hair and under the chin
Final result After 3 months
Social isolation 8-12 days

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Procedure Overview

Why ?

With age, the skin slackens, particularly at the level of the neck and the chin.

A neck lift enables the surplus skin to be removed. It can be combined with a facelift, a Forehead Lift, a mini-facelift, a correction of the eyelids or a liposculpture.

The Intervention

A neck lift is performed under local anaesthesia and takes about two hours.

The surgeon makes an incision around the ears, and then tautens the tissues of the neck after having got rid of the surplus skin and any possible fatty deposits.

Another incision can be made under the chin in order to tauten the lower facial muscles and to ensure a harmonious result.

Results and Post-Operative Treatment

A dressing and some drains are kept in place for 24 hours after the operation.

The stitches are removed within ten or fifteen days of the intervention.

The final result can be seen after two to three months.

Know more about it

  • The skin slackens with age, especially at the level of the neck and the chin, which can cause a double chin.
  • Neck surgery enables surplus and wrinkled skin to be removed and is often combined with a liposculpture in order to get rid of the fatty tissues.
  • After the operation, an oedema appears and will remain for five to seven days.
  • You are advised, if applicable, to stop smoking in order to facilitate the healing process.
  • The scars must be protected from the sun for a year by applying a total screen product./li>
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