Anticipated pain level Moderate
Anaesthesia General
Duration of Surgery 2 hour
Scars Interior of the thighs
Final result After 3 months
Social isolation 14 days

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Procedure Overview


With age or after weight loss, excess skin can appear on your body. It is often concentrated on the inner thighs. Cosmetic thigh surgery consists of treating slack skin by removing any excess of it.

The Intervention

Cosmetic thigh surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes approximately three hours.

The intervention consists of removing the excess skin that is mainly concentrated on the inner thighs.

Cosmetic thigh surgery is often associated with a liposculpture procedure that is intended to eliminate accumulations of fat.

Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The surgeon applies a dressing directly after the intervention.

This dressing, as well as the stitches, is removed two weeks after the cosmetic thigh surgery. The scar can be red and lumpy during the first months but it finally becomes virtually imperceptible. It is located in the inguinal fold and can, in certain cases, go down towards the back of the knee.

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