A nose job, is a cosmetic surgery procedure, commonly known as a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery refines the nose by reshaping the bone, tissue, cartilage and overall profile of the nose to enhance the appearance and create a nose that is in proportion to the patient’s facial features.  

Rhinoplasty surgery is popular with both men and women that are looking to achieve a slimmer, straighter nose or correct a hump or deviated septum. Many people wish to have rhinoplasty surgery as they are unhappy with the way their nose looks and often feel self-conscious of the nose they have inherited or injured.  

Patient before and after rhinoplasty surgery

What are the different types of nose jobs? 

Here at MYA our expert Surgeons are highly skilled in rhinoplasty surgery, and patients will be paired with a surgeon who is the right fit them and their desired outcome. 

The type of rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure that is performed, is determined on the patient’s physical requirements and the surgeon’s preference.  

Patients who require a more complex surgery, will typically be offered an open rhinoplasty procedure and some surgeons may choose to perform a combination of rhinoplasty techniques to achieve the best surgical outcome for the patient.  

What areas of the nose can be corrected during rhinoplasty surgery? 

There are several different features of the nose that can be operated on during a nose job. The surgeon will discuss the patient’s areas of concern and advise on the specific changes that can be performed and any medical limitations.  

Diagram of the nose and different types of rhinoplasty surgery

Bridge – If the bridge of the nose is being operated on, the surgeon removes the bone and cartilage that is causing ‘the hump’. The nose may then be broken to allow the remaining pieces of bone to be moved closer together, resulting in the narrowing of the nose.  

Tip – When the tip of the nose is operated on, the cartilage that make up the tip-support needs to be partly removed or reshaped. This is done through the nostril, or by making a small cut in the bit of skin between the nostrils.  

Length – A surgeon can adjust and reduce the central structure of the nose, known as the septum, to help shrink the tip and reduce the overall length of the nose. Adjustment to the tip cartilages also helps adjust nasal length.  

Width – By breaking and repositioning the side nasal bone, a surgeon can also reduce the width of the nose and achieve a narrower appearance.  

Nostrils- A surgeon can reduce and adjust the size of the nostrils to create symmetry and the appearance of smaller nostrils.  

How long is a nose job procedure? 

A rhinoplasty procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and can take between 1-2 hrs depending on the patient’s requirements. The surgery can be performed as a day case, or the patient may be required to stay overnight to recover in one of our MYA hospitals

How long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty surgery? 

Following rhinoplasty surgery patients should expect a recovery period of 6-8 weeks and should consult their MYA nurse before returning to exercise. Any bruising and swelling should subside between 7-14 days and healing will evolve over several weeks and months but can take up to 1 year post-op to see the final nose result. 

 Watch #MYAGirl Hannah have her cast removed following a rhinoplasty procedure!

How much does a nose job cost? 

The cost of a rhinoplasty procedure, commonly known as a nose job with MYA starts at £6,995. Rhinoplasty procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements and can vary per person. When considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to research the procedure, surgeons and cosmetic surgery provider in detail. 

How do I book a rhinoplasty consultation with MYA? 

Our FREE eConsult service allows patients to speak directly to our expert team of advisors via a secure and private video call, so there is no need to travel to one of our clinical hubs. During your eConsult you can discuss the often personal and emotional reasons you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

For more in-depth information, speak to a specialist MYA advisor and book your FREE consult today! 

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