Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery often called reduction mammoplasty is a technique that makes a woman’s breasts shrink. Through cuts on the undersides of both breasts, a plastic surgeon will remove excess fat, tissue, and skin. Due to the strain that the weight of their breasts places on the neck, shoulders, and back, women with enormous breasts frequently have uncomfortable physical symptoms. Constant headaches, poor posture, and herniated discs plague some women. Furthermore, some women are self-conscious about their breast size or have a negative body image as a result of it. Breast reduction surgery can help with both the physical and psychological aspects of the problem.

Procedure for Breast Reduction

The surgeon will make an incision from your areola (the pigmented area surrounding your nipple) to the underside of your breast after providing anesthetic. Depending on the procedure used by your surgeon, the Breast Reduction surgery can last anywhere from two to five hours. It will also depend on whether or not a lift is included in the procedure. To lower the size of each breast, fatty tissue and skin will be removed. In most circumstances, the surgeon can leave the nipple in place, but in some cases, it may need to be repositioned. The peri-areolar, vertical, and inverted T incision procedures are among them.

Breast Reduction Surgery After

Your breasts will be wrapped in gauze-like bandaging after surgery. Drainage tubes may be placed in your breasts to help with the removal of excess fluids caused by the swelling that occurs following surgery.

When it is safe to remove the bandages, your doctor will advise you. You’ll have to wait up to a week before you can wear a bra again. You’ll thereafter need to wear a particular soft bra for several weeks.

While you may be able to leave the hospital the next day, you’ll need plenty of time to relax and recover.