• Patented and certified method
  • No risk of damage or illness
  • Scar-free and practically painless thanks to local anesthesia
  • Easily applied anywhere on the head
  • The process makes determining the dosage simple, and it may be tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

The old traditional ways of syringe injection have been replaced by innovative technology, and the fear of the needle will be a thing of the past! This is a new gadget intended expressly for infusions, particularly for those who are terrified of standard syringe puncture, and it is equipped with a series of devices that accomplish the same job without piercing the affected region, as well as a customized dispenser.

The key is hidden in the nozzle! The scar-free syringe has a graded cylinder with a micro-hole of around 0.15 mm, allowing the anesthesia to be administered in less than 100 milliseconds. Unlike a regular syringe, this device rapidly releases the product to be injected, forming a kind of “fluidic needle” that penetrates the affected area in less than a third of a second without damaging the tissues.